Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We are GO for LAUNCH!

We’ve been planning, migrating content, tweaking pages, and whew, it’s finally here. We’re almost ready for launch. 

The vendor has a few more tweaks to make which includes integrating the new chat service.

The plan is to go live on Monday, Oct. 17th, so here is your chance to tour the site.

Begin the tour here!
password: redZebra@8652

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NEWS! Update Info in My Account (Catalog)

There’s another new self-service feature that goes hand in hand w/ the “Renew Online privilege” feature. It’s the Edit own Information option. Cool, right? I know, that’s what I thought. J

Under My Account, there are several tabs which consists of Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds and Fines.
To help direct users with verifying their own info prior to renewing their card, the Personal Information tab’s label has changed to My Info (review/edit before renewing card)

Users can only change the info in the Address 1 field, which consists of Street, Homephone, City/State, Zip and Email. NOTE: the email option will only be listed if it’s currently in patron’s account in Workflows.

Wondering how it works, huh? Click the EDIT button, click on the appropriate info, edit info in pop-out bubble, and then click SAVE. Users will receive a message if they attempt to change non-editable info.

NEWS!!! Online library card renewals

Library cards can be renewed at any library branch or by phone. As a result of our most recent Enterprise catalog upgrade online renewal is now available.
(Enabling online renewal of library cards was part of Objective 5.4 in the Pursuit of Excellence Strategic Plan 2014-2018.)

Where does it display? Look for renewal feature in library catalog. (This option will only appear if library card expires within 30 days, or has already expired.)

The following user profiles will be able to use online renewal feature. Adult, Outreach, Homebound, Delivery, LSW,  and Staff

Please note Online renewal does not change Patron Status.
So if patron is Blocked or Barred they will still be but their privilege expiration date will change.
To restore borrowing privileges for these statuses, the user works with library staff to clear up their account, such as paying off balance owed.  It is important to clear accounts as Bill and Checkout records are attached to both the patron record and the specific copy in the library catalog.  Records for lost or long overdue items cannot be removed from the catalog if there are any bills attached. L

Also please note that renewal is when library staff verify and update address information which in turn helps patrons receive library notifications for pre-overdues, holds, bills, and expiring privileges. 
Currently library users can also update their address information using an online form available at the Library website.

For more information on user profiles and statuses please search the CPPL wiki.

From the patron perspective, information about library cards and privileges can be found on the library website and library brochure.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ramp Up Your Search!

What if you could search the library’s entire collection of popular material (books/e-Books, movies, music, etc.) along with its electronic resource subscriptions (Gale, Ebsco, etc.), Associated Press videos, and other free stuff in one place?  Guess what? It’s here! Your library has just ramped up your search experience, and it’s called Calcasieu 1 Search.

No longer search the catalog for stuff, and then head over to our website to start another search.  DO IT all within Calcasieu 1 Search
Perform a search, and then filter your results to the catalog only, or filter by publication date, by source, by branch/location, etc.

How do you find Calcasieu 1 Search?
·         Start at the Library’s website
·         Via the Library’s catalog
o   Perform search then choose the E-Databases option
·         Direct link

BONUS content (not available in the Library catalog version)
·         Research starters
·         Continue your search with additional widgets (right side column).
·         Access to Consumer Reports content
·         Access many journals/magazines with print copies that are not available on the current newsstands.
·         Access library location hours and phone numbers.
·         Browse library programs/events.

Have you searched the library catalog not finding what you needed, only to have to leave the catalog, and then begin that same search with the State Library of La.’s resource called Loanshark? UGH! There’s no need to duplicate those searches now that you have Calcasieu 1 Search. Find a direct link to Loanshark within a specific search result by looking for the “View from LoanShark” option.
Need assistance with searching, or assistance with a particular search that you’ve just performed? Use the Ask-a-Librarian option. With it, you can email our staff for help. Bonus: you can attach your search results so that we can provide assistance more efficiently.
If you are ready to ramp up your way of searching, DO IT with Calcasieu 1 Search.

Monday, October 5, 2015

New Resources from the State Library

The State Library has added 3 new resources that are really cool. The Hobbies and Crafts resource is cool since we don't have any such resources, while the Legal Info and Small Business can supplement those resources (Legal Forms Library for example) that we currently offer.

These resources have been added to the State Library’s Louisiana Library Connection Databases page, as well as on our two resources webpages (subject list and alphabetical list).

Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center---exclusive articles covering over 140 topics, including periodicals, books and videos that focus on categories commonly referred to as hobbies and crafts; available in high-quality PDF format. View actual instructions, images, videos and more for topics such as home and garden, model building, and scrap-booking.

Legal Information Reference Center---online full text from top consumer legal reference books, full-text publications and legal forms. Many of the full-text legal reference books are provided through Nolo.

Small Business Reference Center---up to date info on relevant topics from starting a company, operations management and sales to growing or rescuing a business. (State Library)​

Note that content from these resources may be searched/found on the website, within the catalog, and within our newest search portal, Calcasieu 1Search

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs with Chilton!

The Library has a new resource.It's called ChiltonLibrary.comUsers get the detailed information needed to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs. Some of ChiltonLibrary's more popular features include: 

  • Maintenance and specification tables that provide the unique data you need for each specific vehicle.
  • Step-by-step service and repair procedures, and labor estimating tool to help you confidently determine your next move.
  • Vacuum diagrams to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation.
  • Close-up photographs and illustrations for visual support.
  • ASE test prep quizzes for the most popular certification exams
  • A print button which allows you to easily print out what is needed.
Fix your vehicle no matter what time of the day it is using

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finding eContent in the catalog just got easier!

There is a new way for you or patrons to limit your eContent search in the online catalog. Under material type on the left hand side of the search screen econtent has been added to the tab that already existed for ebooks/eaudio because we have more than just ebooks and eaudio now. 

And also, under Category on the left hand side of the search screen all eContent formats have been added so you or your patrons can further limit your search. The eContent formats that are available in the catalog to be searched are : eAudio, eBook, eMagazine, eMusic, eMusic (Parental Advisory), eTV Show, and eVideo.

Just a heads up: not all eContent titles have been broken down into the categories of eAudio or eBook --- as new records are loaded weekly they will be put in these new categories and as previously loaded records are edited then they will also be put into these new categories. 

All of the other categories (eMagazine, eMusic, eMusic (Parental Advisory), eTV Show, eVideo) have the correct amount of items that are currently in the catalog. 

Currently there are 12,991 eAudio titles ; 856 eBook titles ; 190 eMagazine titles ; 1,385 eMusic titles ; 239 eMusic (Parental Advisory) titles ; 903 eTV Show titles, and 4,748 eVideo titles divided into their proper category under the category tab on left hand side of search screen. 

We hope this is useful for you or patrons. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Happy searching!!  Have a wonderful day!!  J   Mike Broussard